What Is Sweat EquitE?

Our team matches students and experienced professionals to non-traditional work opportunites at start-ups, emerging businesses and non-profits.

We help you find the missing pieces to fill your organization.

For GRINDERS: We help you find your best fit work opportunity

For BUSINESSES: We help you find flexible superstars to fill your open positions

Be a Grinder

How it Works
For Members

Join the grind by sharing your skills and expertise with start-ups, emerging businesses and non-profits

Want to build your wealth in a new company without quitting your primary job? No problem!

Work full time, second time, or part time and get compensated with lump payments, incremental payments, equity or credit.

You negotiate your terms!

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Turn your “FREE” time into “WEALTH” time by finding Second-Time opportunities for lump sum, incremental, equity and credit opportunities.

What is

Any available time when you are not committed to your primary job.

It is a 24 hour world. Use every moment.

What are the

Compensation is negotiable between members and companies.

NOW: Compensation should be paid immediately on completion of specific work.

DEFERRED: Compensation is earned but can be paid up until a year after completion of work.